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NW Elite Volleyball Club is a USA Volleyball affiliated club designed to train and educate young athletes in the sport of volleyball. We strive to empower our athletes with a commitment to develop sportsmanship, work ethic, communication skills, team oriented achievements, and excellence in athletic performance at practice, in competition and the community. 

Our Philosophy

NW Elite Volleyball Club is dedicated to developing a competitive volleyball program within the Columbia Empire Volleyball Association.

NW Elite Volleyball Club uses three pillars of training: technical, tactical and physical which profoundly develop the fundamental skills needed to compete. NW Elite teaches life lessons and provides opportunities to develop leadership skills through sports while securing and nurturing an environment which fosters the maturity of athletes on and off the court. NW Elite Volleyball Club encourages a positive approach to training and competition while maintaining a competitive method to the game of volleyball through individual and team oriented drills and competition. 

NW Elite Volleyball Club encourages a fun, challenging, and educational club experience while creating and maintaining a positive learning environment. An enhanced sense of community is fostered among athletes, coaches and parents.

CEVA's #VolleyTheChange Statement

The Columbia Empire Volleyball Association (CEVA) values the principles of diversity and inclusion and encourages all of our member clubs and participants to do the same.  We will promote these values in our organizational culture and programming.

CEVA believes our membership should focus on athletes, coaches, officials and parents’ skill sets, work ethic and competitive spirit, not their race, sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

CEVA strives to create an environment that is free from discrimination or exclusion based on race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliations, or other personal attributes.  We also seek to end bullying, cyber-bulling, hazing, harassment, and offensive conduct in all forms.  These are actions that are not consummate with our organizational philosophy, nor with the culture we will create in our region.

CEVA will seek to implement policies and programming to help educate our membership about these values, and we will encourage all participants in our programs to display these values both on and off the court. 

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Contact Us NW Elite Volleyball Club

Contact Us NW Elite Volleyball Club

PO Box 1450, Oregon City, OR 97045

Phone: 503-303-4276